We build the space.
You make it your own.

At Redfern Real Estate, we’re committed to creating you the perfect house, apartment, or office space for your needs. We listen to your requirements, scout out the best locations, and build the ideal properties for you to turn into a home or business. Our fees are competitive but our service is outstanding.

Better built together

We approach all our projects collaboratively with our clients. It’s our aim to turn your imagination into reality, which is why we include you in the design and construction process from the very start. We believe that the best buildings are those which are built for someone to love, not just to use.


584 Clients

All of them happy customers

23 years

Because you can’t beat experience


Of completed real estate


Redfern has undertaken projects throughout Europe and North America. We specialize in full-spectrum construction, meaning that we can help take your ideas from the drawing board, all the way through to completion. 

In-house, we have designers, architects, carpenters, and craftspeople who are ready and able to tackle any residential or commercial real estate project that comes their way.

We also have an extensive network of partners to ensure we have the capacity and specialist knowledge for all the projects in our pipeline. This ensures that you are never left waiting around for results.

- Grow skills

- Learn from experience

- Demonstrate passion

- Be helpful

At Redfern, we have 4 guiding values that inform everything we do, from day-to-day business administration to high-level design and construction.

Each is intended to ensure that our working processes run smoothly, while at the same time making sure we’re offering each and every one of our clients the care and attention they deserve.

Each real estate project is unique, and so we approach them with a sense of novelty and creativity. Have something special in mind for your space? Let us know, we’re always excited for a challenge.

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